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2024 State Championship
Points are allocated on an outright basis for each of the three races at each round. The fastest qualifier (i.e. pole position) at each round will also be allocated three (3) points.

2024 Club & Division Championship
Points are allocated for each Division and will include qualifying and each of the three races at each round. You must complete 3 laps to be awarded qualifying points. No extra points are awarded for pole position in the Club or Division Championship. (ie. excludes pole position bonus).

There are 3 divisions in the Club Championship defined by the following SMP GP Lap times and equivalents. A competitor may register for a higher division if desired. The time brackets below are subject to change, following qualifying at Round 2 of the 2024 Championship at SMSP (GP).

Division SMP GP SMP Ext SMP Nth WP
1 Under 1:37 Under 2:03 Under 1:07 Under 1:02
2 1:37 > 1:42 2:03 > 2:08 1:07 > 1:10 1:02 > 1:06
3 Over 1:42 Over 2:08 Over 1:10 Over 1:06

DNS / DNF will result in Zero points for that race. Natsoft published results are the single source of Race Result data for points calculations.

To be eligible for points:
You must be a registered financial member of ASSA NSW prior to the commencement of each round.

If a competitor is found to be in an incorrect Division by exceeding the laptime limits more than three times, they maybe moved to the next Division for the balance of the year and any points accumulated will be lost at the discretion of the Committee.

All ASSA NSW Sponsorship stickers/deca ls must be displayed on the vehicle prior to qualifying.


Please note: This sheet is currently undergoing an upgrade and will be uploaded once available. In the meantime, please use the sheet attached and any if you have queries, please contact a committee member for clarification.

Exception is granted to Ex-V8 Supercars with full livery – which we ask to ensure all stickers are on display in their Pit / Garage area.

Position Points
Pole 3
1 25
2 21
3 18
4 16
5 15
6 14
7 13
8 12
9 11
10 10
11 9
12 8
13 7
14 6
15 5
16 4
17 3
18 2
19 1

Extract of 3D Sporting Regulations for 2023
(vi) In the event of a tie on places in the 2023 Kumho Tyre Motorsport Australia NSW Sports Sedan Championship, awards shall be determined by comparison of the number of first places gained in the rounds. If then not resolved, comparison of the number of second places, then third places, etc. Then if after all comparisons are effected and the award is still not determined, the relative places in the last round, second last round, etc. shall be the decider.

Points towards the 2023 ASSA NSW Club Championship and Division Championship point score will be awarded (using the table in G.5 (iv) earlier) in qualifying and each of the races at each round for each of the Divisions/Classes, with no extra points awarded for pole position. To be eligible for Qualifying points in the Club Championship at least 3 timed laps must be completed in the Qualifying session.

Should less than three competitors in any Division enter an event, points towards the Club Championship will be allocated as follows;
1 Competitor – 1st Place – 18 points
2 Competitors – 1st Place – 20 points, 2nd Place 18 points.
3 Competitors or more – As per G.5 (iv)

(i) The Division Championship point score awards shall be won by the drivers attaining the highest number of points in the Divisions/Classes detailed in G.2 above.
(ii) The NSW Sports Sedan Association Club Champion will be the driver attaining the highest points in any of the Divisions/Classes;

2023 State, Club and Division 1 Champion

Brad Shiels


2023 Division 2 Champion

Ben Mannix

2023 Division 3 Champion

David Atkin